AIM Direct Smart Mail

Why use Smart Mail?

Turn your Direct Mail into Smart Mail with AIM Direct. Our Smart Mail program can include list targeting, personalization, and even versioning.

What is List Targeting?

By creating an avatar of your "best customer” we create a model that allows us to target your mail list within your specific geographic area. We ensure that your direct mail piece gets into the hands of the people most likely to respond and purchase your service or product.

We use Versioning

Some businesses find it important to offer a specific message to distinct members of your target group. If this applies to your business, we can help you keep costs down by creating versions of the same direct mail piece so you can get the appropriate message to each group targeted with your mail list.

Thorough Personalization

Take the junk out of your direct mail with personalization. With our variable data printing capabilities, we can address each recipient of your direct mail piece by name.

What does it include?

01. Expert Strategy
02. Geographic Analysis & Mailing List
03. Custom Design
04. Printing Costs
05. Postage & Mailing Costs
06. In-House Mail Verification
07. Options

Try our Nurturing Strategy

Stay front of mind with your audience with multiple touches. The days of one-and-done campaigns are over. It’s crucial that you reach your audience frequently and that’s where our nurturing strategy comes in. Once you choose your geographic area, mailing schedule, and mailing piece (postcard, bifold, trifold, or letter package), we’ll take it from there. We even offer payment plans that meet your budget.

Program Templates

01. New Mover Program
Reach out to residents who have just moved into your geographic area and let them know all you have to offer.
02. Birthday Program
Personalized mail that sends special offers directly to your target audience during their birthday month.

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